Hey, There 


I’m Joanna, the lead photographer and owner of this little business.

I’m a 25-year-old freckled-nosed red head, Pennsylvania-born, Wisconsin-grown girl who finds herself in the South. And I've made it home in little brick house with a patch of land to fill with thrift-store finds, house plants, and a bull dog named Luna.

I am learning to be a better gardener. I love baking fresh bread on Saturday mornings (but not as much as I love eating it), and you can find me gripping a cup of coffee nine times out of ten.

This whole thing sort of just happened by accident. I didn’t go to school for photography or even business. I was an English major. I liked books, long ones that smelled old and inviting. My cup of tea is 19th century British Literature (Jane Eyre eats Twilight for breakfast). Regardless of the era, I really like stories – reading them, writing them, and watching them. I think that is why I like photography, because I get to do just that.


So what does it look like to shoot with me?

Well, it's sort of like getting coffee and hanging out with an old friend (that you happen to have just met). My photo sessions are conversational and interactive. What this means for you is that I spend a lot of time getting to know your love story and your life story. I ask you guys questions and get you talking, joking, laughing (a lot of times at me). The less you think about the big black hunk of glass and plastic around my neck, the more yourself you will be which makes the best, most timeless photos. My hope is to catch fleeting moments of your story and to tell it truthfully. I want you to be able to see yourself in your pictures and like it –like it because it honestly pauses your smile, expresses your unique personality and understands your meaningful relationships.

Photo credit:  Bekah Morton Photography